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Ubuntu Gnome Obtains Official Status Recongnition

Ubuntu users that prefer the Gnome Shell are in for a treat. Ubuntu Gnome has joined the ranks as an official Ubuntu edition. The first official Ubuntu Gnome release will be coming along with the eagerly awaited Ubuntu 13.04 which will continue to use the Unity desktop as before.

Ubuntu Gnome Screenshot

Ubuntu Gnome Details

I was never really satisfied with the Unity desktop or the direction they are heading. But now Ubuntu has decided to pull back some of its alienated users with the release of Ubuntu Gnome. Now straight down to business, let’s take a look at what Ubuntu Gnome has to offer.

Try Ubuntu Gnome Today

With this new release it is now easier for Ubuntu users to test and try the Gnome Shell. This release will offer 32 bit and 64 bit image files.

Which Applications Are Included?

This new edition will carry a larger number of Gnome applications among the list of default software. The software list should resemble the official Gnome desktop software collection that we are all familiar with.

Gnome 3.6 or 3.8

The first release will use 3.6 as the default desktop, but 3.8 is now available with many exciting new features. Most importantly, Classic session is back. This time built with Gnome 3 technology. Gnome Shell extensions are used to produce a full Classic session experience.

Download Ubuntu Gnome

Gnome 3.8 Features

We are currently checking out all the excellent features provided by this release. Users will find some user-interface changes made to the activities overview. There are are also some minor notification changes, giving users far more control over how notifications get displayed.

Gnome 3.8 Complete Desktop Review

Installing Gnome 3.8

For all of the users wishing to install 3.8, helpful installation instructions are available if you need assistance.

Gnome 3.8 Installation Instructions for Ubuntu 12.10-13.04

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