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Ubuntu One Detailed Guide for 13.04

As many of you already know, Ubuntu One is a very convenient cloud file storage service. Now users are fontunate enough to have this tool installed by default. If you happen to be unfamiliar with Ubuntu One, I have pointed out several details so users can accurately choose the service that fits their needs.

Ubuntu One Setup

This service is very easy to set up, and to use. Below you can see just how simple it is to start using Ubuntu One with 13.04.

Tip: After starting the Unity desktop, you will notice an icon for the Ubuntu One service inside the Unity launcher. You can use this button to get started. You can also find this service by typing Ubuntu One inside the Unity dash.

Sign Up or Sign In

You will first need to create an Ubuntu One account, or sign in using your existing account.

Ubuntu One on 13.04 Screenshot

Check Your Settings

Now you have the opportunity to review your settings. Upload and download speed settings are available. Or you can change the options for automatic syncing, and notifications.

Choose Your Folders

The next step is to choose which folder you would like to sync with Ubuntu One. A list of important directories located inside the home folder is available to pick through. Or you can manually add other directories yourself.

Ubuntu One on 13.04 Screenshot

All Finished

After you have completed these few simple steps, you can press finish. You will then be taken to the Unity One dashboard. At least that is what I will be calling it for this short introduction.

Ubuntu One Unity Indicator Menu

Integration between Ubuntu One and the Unity desktop is constantly improving.

Tip: After Ubuntu One is setup, you will see a new icon appear inside the top panel. Click on this icon to find several helpful options that will help you use Ubuntu One efficiently.

Quickly Access Important Options

From the Ubuntu One indicator menu you can quickly connect or disconnect from the Ubuntu One service. Open your Ubuntu One folder with a single click, or select a file to share. This menu will let you open the dashboard for more options.

Ubuntu One Dashboard

The dashboard is your Ubuntu One command center. This is where you can change your settings, share your files, and get detailed information.

Ubuntu One Settings

The dashboard holds all of your Ubuntu One settings. Users can control file transfer upload and download speeds. Toggle notifications on or off at any time, or control file transfer automation.

Connect or Disconnect

From the dashboard you can completely connect or disconnect from the Ubuntu One service. This will immediately disable all file synchronization.

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