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Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 Ready for 12.10

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 is now available with added support for the new Unity desktop web apps feature. This version brings improved support for Ubuntu 12.10. Now you can transcend some of the limitations imposed by the bossy Unity desktop.

Customize Your Desktop with Ubuntu Tweak

The Ubuntu Tweak Tool will give you far more control over the Unity desktop. With the Tweak tool you can find extra desktop settings for your fonts, sounds, themes, windows, icons and more.

Ubuntu Tweak Screenshot

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 Changes

Below you can find many of great changes offered with the release of Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2. Be sure to install Ubuntu Tweak today! For everyone that already knows about this wonderful tool, you can simply upgrade.

Discover Awesome Software

The apps window will display much of the best software available for this excellent Linux distribution. The installation status of these applications will even be displayed.

Computer Janitor

This excellent tool is now able to keep your system free of lost space. Use the computer janitor to scan your cache optimize your system.

Other Small Changes

Some broken features that were available for 12.04 have been removed. If that is not enough, many bugs have also been subdued for this release.

Disable Unwanted Features

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 is capable of turning off several undesired Unity desktop features. Web apps, or the Unity desktop HUD can both be disabled.

Love Wallpaper HD For Ubuntu

Look for this option to discover new and unique wallpapers that will add some appeal to your desktop. This tool will let you cycle through a list of HD wallpapers until you choose one you like.

Ubuntu Tweak Screenshot

Have Fun With Ubuntu 12.10

Take full control over the Unity desktop today and begin customizing 12.10 to your liking!

Download Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2

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