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Unity Desktop Smart Scopes Delayed Temporarily

The Ubuntu Team originally approved some final modifications for the 13.04 release. After getting us all excited about the massive number of new Smart Scopes, the original approval was then retracted. Either way, I felt the need to inform everyone about the upcoming changes. Though unfortunately we must wait for six months for the Ubuntu 13.10 release.

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Screenshot

Unity Desktop Smart Scopes Release Delayed

Surely everyone was excited about this cool new feature, so let's see what happened exactly.

Reason for the Delay

It seems that Unity Smart Scopes did not achieve the required level of stability needed for Ubuntu 13.04. Developers have decided to hold of release until 13.10. Personally I feel that many releases have been lacking in needed stability recently, and it seems that others do feel the same.

Who is to Blame?

The delayed release of Unity Smart Scopes may be the result of improper planning for 13.04. Or was it simply the result of a premature release announcement? In fact, as investigators we may have simply scavenged this information before it became official. But that is our job!

Unity Desktop Smart Scope Details

Some scopes inside the Unity desktop dash will offer improved search performance. Included is a server-side tool used to determine which scopes get used for your Unity Dash searches. After performing a search, the server gets queried to decide which scope is used. This new server-side Smart Scope technology will soon provide a large number of additional scopes. These scopes are installed server-side, unlike traditional scopes.

How It Works

Scope processes will now be killed when the dash is closed. Only processes for frequently used scopes will load when the dash is opened. Unused scope processes will only load when needed. This change should offer faster searches, and most importantly, more accurate results.

Unity Smart Scopes Get Smarter

This new service calculates results based on what others have chosen in the past. Meaning it will continually grow smarter as it gets used. Unity Smart Scopes will even remember your previous selections and use those as priority items.

I Want Smart Scopes Now!

Getting your hands on over 100 new scopes might be hard to resist. But there is no need to wait, you can get your fix now.

Install Smart Scopes Via PPA

If you simply cannot hold on for Ubuntu 13.10, you can install Smart Scopes using the Unity experimental PPA on Ubuntu 13.04. We will post detailed instructions very soon for anyone that is interested.

Web Upd8 – Install Unity Smart Scopes in Ubuntu 13.04

Unity Desktop Privacy Changes

Again users have expressed privacy concerns with Ubuntu and Unity plunging farther into the online world at full-pace. And, again users are encouraged to look elsewhere if privacy and not usability is their primary concern.

There Is Some Good News

Thankfully users will have more control over which scopes are enabled. The Smart Scope service which uses online sources can be toggled on or off, though by default it will be turned on.

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