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Unity Tweak Tool Updated for Ubuntu 13.04

Surprisingly Ubuntu 13.04 still offers a complete lack of customization options for the Unity desktop, but there is a solution. Install the Unity Tweak Tool to access a variety of helpful settings that will remove all barriers. Now you can get the Unity desktop to look the way you want, and perform the way it should.

Unity Tweak Tool Ubuntu 13.04

Unity Tweak Tool Desktop Appearance Settings

Many fun appearance settings are available to let you adjust the look of your desktop. Take control of your fonts, icons, themes, colors, and more.

Unity Launcher Settings

The Unity Tweak Tool will let you customize the launcher appearance and behavior. You can even change the auto hide settings and animations. Or you can set a transparency level for the launcher. This tool will let you change the color of the Unity launcher, and the size of icons inside the launcher.

Unity Tweak Tool Ubuntu 13.04

Panel Options

Use the Unity Tweak Tool to control which application indicators appear inside the top panel. Auto-hide and transparency options are available for the top panel as well.

Themes, Icons, Cursors and Fonts

You can use this tool to change your desktop theme, icons, cursors, or fonts. Various settings are available for fonts, including font styles and sizes.

Desktop Icons

This tool will let users change which icons get displayed on the desktop. You can add the home folder, networking icon, trash, and icons for connected devices.

Unity Tweak Tool Desktop Usability Settings

So what else can you do with the Unity Tweak Tool? You can even customize the functionality of your desktop with this tool, not just the appearance. The list of available settings is truly impressive, and here are some of the best ones.

Search Settings

The Unity Tweak tool offers options for the Unity desktop dash as well. You can toggle the blur effect when the dash is active. You can even choose what to include in the dash search results.

Workspace Switching

Users can add or remove work-spaces, and change the work space switching keyboard shortcuts.

Window Settings

There are also several settings available to customize your windows and how they work. The Unity Tweak Tool contains focus settings, and title bar click reaction settings. Choose how your window buttons get aligned, or how the scroll bar functions. This tool will even let you customize the window snapping feature.

Unity Tweak Tool Other Helpful Options

Many more convenient settings and options are available that will help users control other aspects of the Unity desktop.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can choose your own shortcuts to invoke the HUD, or to show the launcher. Other helpful keyboard shortcuts can also be customized to your liking.

Security Options

There are also a few options provided to help control your system security. Enable or disable different desktop features at any time, including the desktop lock, printing, user log-out, and user switching.

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