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Wallch Wallpaper Changer

Here is another useful tool that I have only recently become aware of. The Wallch Wallpaper Changer is a simple wallpaper manager with many helpful features included. Thankfully Wallch will work on Ubuntu's new Unity desktop, or the Gnome 3 Shell.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Details

Here are some details about the Wallch Wallpaper Changer, including a look at many of the popular features. This tool is extremely user-friendly, the perfect solution for inexperienced users. Use this tool to randomly switch through your list of available wallpapers at a specified interval.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Screenshot

Personal Wallpaper Library

The Wallch Wallpaper Changer lets users build their own library of personal wallpapers. Wallpapers displayed by Wallch will then be taken directly from your custom library.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Installation

This tool is easy to install and it is already available inside the Ubuntu repositories.

Install Wallch On Ubuntu

To install this wallpaper manager on Ubuntu you can use the commands seen below in your default terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install wallch

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Library Controls

Here are some of the options and controls which will help you customize your personal wallpaper library.

Add Wallpaper

This option will let you add new backgrounds to your personal wallpaper library. Users will be presented with a file selection dialog to select images.

Add Folder

Users may even add entire folders to their wallpaper libraries with this option. Again a file or folder selection dialog is displayed.

Remove Folder

Entire folders can be removed from the wallpaper library after they have been added. Simply use this option to open another file folder dialog.

Clear List

If your list becomes cluttered you can clear the entire list at any time using this option. Users may then start over with a fresh list.

Move Up

Users are free to rearrange items inside the wallpaper library. Use this to move the currently selected background up one spot in the library.

Move Down

With this option users can move backgrounds down inside their wallpaper library.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Basic Options

Here you can see some of the options and settings that are available for the Wallch Wallpaper Changer.

Timing Selection

Change the time interval between wallpaper switches, the default is 10 minutes.

Change Randomly

Toggle this option to use random wallpapers from the list when changing.

Random Timing

Use this option if you want your wallpaper to change at random times between 2 and 20 minutes. The timing selection slider is not taken into account when this option is toggled.

Take Webcam Image

You can also use this option to quickly take a webcam image which can then be added to the wallpaper library.

Take Screenshot

If you would like to save a desktop screenshot to use as a wallpaper you can with this option, the image will then be added to the library.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Preview

A wallpaper preview feature is available to let users sample how Wallch will preform. Use the built-in preview tool to test your customization settings.

Wallch Wallpaper Changer Controls

Users can even manually control Wallch manually which will generally make it preform similar to a standard wallpaper switcher.


You can use this option to start the Wallch Wallpaper Changer. Your new desktop background will then become active, and it will change at the intervals you have specified.


This option will stop the Wallch Wallpaper changer leaving your current desktop background active.


Users are also able to switch between wallpapers manually, much like a traditional wallpaper manager. This option lets you switch to the previous background in your library.


When this option is used the current desktop background will be switched to the next image in your library.

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