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Window Maker Dock Apps

Here is quick look at all the available Dock Apps for the Window Maker desktop environment. The grouping of buttons in the top right corner of your desktop is called your dock. If you launch a new application, window maker will create a new dock button on the bottom of your desktop.

Create New Launchers

You can add new applications to your dock by dragging the new icon into the group of buttons on the top right of your desktop. Your new launcher will then remain on the desktop for later use, even if you close the application.

Window Maker Desktop Screenshot

Window Maker Desktop Introduction

Move Your Dock

If you want to move your whole dock bar, which is the group of buttons on the right, you can simply by dragging the WMDock button.

Install Window Maker DockApps

There are lots of other cool dock buttons that you can add to your desktop also if you want more. Many great users have contributed their own custom-made Dock Apps that you can use to expand your desktop.

Dock Apps will sit in your dock and display information or have other functions. You might want to try dock apps for email, networking, audio, or system and weather monitors. Many dock apps can be installed using the APT tool or the commands below. You can launch them from the command line just by typing in the name of that dock app.

$ sudo apt-get install wmbutton
$ sudo apt-get install wmclockmon
$ sudo apt-get install wmmount
$ sudo apt-get install wmdiskmon
$ sudo apt-get install wmcdplay
$ sudo apt-get install wmmemload
$ sudo apt-get install wmhdplop
$ sudo apt-get install wmressel
$ sudo apt-get install wmcube