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Wubi Removed From Ubuntu 13.04

It looks like grandma will now need to install Ubuntu the hard way. The Windows-based installer for Ubuntu known as Wubi unfortunately did not see a new version released for 13.04. But there is still hope that Wubi is to be resurrected in the future.

Ubuntu 12.10 Wubi Installation Screenshot

Ubuntu Has Other Priorities

The Wubi project appears to be outdated, and currently resources are needed elsewhere. With a new display server being implemented and Unity being converted to QT, this decision is understandable.

But Will It Last?

The real question is, will Wubi make a comeback in the future? Or is this the end? I found Wubi to be a fantastic idea, and the perfect solution for new users wishing to experiment with Ubuntu for the first time. I feel that a large number of potential new users could be lost due to this change. But these users can still choose to use a live CD for their trial run thankfully.

Windows 8 Notice

The Ubuntu website has posted a notice for users attempting to download Wubi which recommends not using Wubi with Windows 8 or UEFI hardware.

Install to Partition

The website is advising users to install Ubuntu to its own partition, but unfortunately this option may leave first time users trembling.

WubiGuide Warning

Another strict warning is found inside the Ubuntu WubiGuide. Below you can see some of the details found within this guide.

Warning: Wubi does not work on any new PC with the Windows 8 logo or using the UEFI firmware. Please use a 64-bit flavour of Ubuntu, installed directly to its own partition instead. If you upgraded to Windows 8 and are using BIOS firmware, Wubi does work, but do not enable hybrid-sleep on Windows 8.

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