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Xfburn CD Burner

Xfburn is a convenient CD and DVD burning applications for the Xfce desktop. There are several CD burning tools to choose from, but like other Xfce applications Xfburn is lightweight and well designed. This tool can be used to burn data CD’s, audio CD’s, and image files.

Xfburn CD Burner Screenshot

Xfburn Interface and Menus

The graphical user interface for the Xfburn utility is perfectly designed for new users. The layout makes everything very clear and there are shortcuts for every important action.

XfBurn Menu Bar

The menu bar is located directly under the title bar at the top of the Xfburn window. Inside the menus you will find all the available actions that will help you interact with the Xfburn CD burner. From the menus you can also access the Xfburn preferences dialog.

Toolbar Details

The main toolbar is located right under the menu bar. The toolbar contains many of the most commonly used actions allowing you to easily start new burning projects.

Browser Panel

The browser panel offers two separate viewing areas, one displays directories in a collapsible tree like structure, the other displays the contents of the current directory.

Using Xfburn Projects

When you first open the Xfburn window you will notice a projects pane which encompasses the bottom half of the window. This panel will let you choose which type of project you wish to create. You can make a selection based on your needs. The available projects are described below.

Data Composition

Using this option will let you manually choose a selection of files from your hard disk that will be burned to an inserted CD.

Audio Composition

The audio composition option is perfect for your music CD’s. This option will prepare your selected music files so they are compatible with various stereo types.

Burn Image

Use this option if you have an image ISO file on your hard disk that you would like to burn. These files are basically ready-to-burn archives.

Blank Disc

If you have a re-writable CD that you would like to use again, this Xfburn option will restore it to its original blank state.

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