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Xfce 4 Desktop Environment Panel Plug-ins

I was shocked to see how many plug-ins are available for the Xfce 4 desktop panel. If you are looking for more great plug-ins to add to your Xfce 4 panels there are lots for you to try. Many plug-ins are already included with the Xfce desktop after installation but more can be added easily.

Xfce 4 Desktop Screenshot

Xfce 4 Desktop Environment Panel Plug-In Details

Surely there are lots of questions that new users might have and hopefully we can answer them. The Xfce 4 desktop environment panel includes many helpful plug-ins that make like on the desktop a little bit easier.

What Can You Do With Panel Plug-Ins?

Use plug-ins to get quick access to important files, applications, and system information.

What Kind of Plug-Ins Are Available?

This panel provides a wide range of plug-ins that will provide endless functionality for your panel. Really there are plug-ins for everything including window management, system monitors, menus and much more.

How Many Plug-ins Are Included?

Many plug-ins are already included with the Xfce 4 desktop after installation but more can be added easily. The panel provides a list of commonly used default plug-ins that will get you started. If you are looking for more great plug-ins to add to your Xfce 4 panels there are lots for you to try.

How Do You Add Plug-Ins To Your Xfce 4 Panel?

To add new plug-ins to a panel simply right-click on the desired panel and look for the add new items option, this will open the add new items dialog. From here you can find all of your available plug-ins that can be added to your panel.

Where Can Users Get More Plug-Ins?

Users are able to install additional Xfce 4 panel plug-ins at any time. Several plug-ins are often included in the main software repositories, but more can be found online.

Default Xfce 4 Desktop Environment Panel Plug-ins

Here you can see some of the plug-ins or applets that usually come by default alongside the Xfce 4 panel. Some versions will include different plug-ins of course, but if any are missing you can install them yourself.

Applications Menu

You know that menu that appears when you right click on the Xfce 4 desktop background? This plug-in gives users a way to access of the default Xfce menu directly a panel icon. If you want to try an alternative applications menu you should check out the Xfce 4 Whisker menu panel plug-in

Directories Menu

Users are able to access all of their commonly used directories with this great plug-in. First set a base directory for your menu, and you can access all sub-directories from within the menu.

Window Menu

The window menu applet can be used to access a list of open windows from a menu icon that is placed inside the panel.

Xfce 4 Places Menu

This applet or plug-in will let users access all of their directory bookmarks and mounted devices.

Xfce 4 Panel Clock

The Xfce 4 panel includes a convenient clock that is usually located on the far right of the default top panel. This clock provides lots of helpful settings including different display layouts including digital, analog, binary and others.

Launcher Plug-In

This one will let users add application launchers into the Xfce 4 desktop panel. Launchers can be given custom icons, or custom launch commands. Populate your panel with all of your favorite applications for even more productivity.

Workspace Pager

Next is the desktop pager applet or plug-in which can be used to switch between virtual workspaces. This tool even provides quick access to workspace settings which is quite convenient.

Show Desktop Plug-in

Use this plug-in to minimize all windows and display the desktop instantly. Now you no longer need to minimize all of those windows just to right click on the background.

Action Buttons

If you want to access the logout or shutdown dialog directly from the panel, well the actions button will do it.

Xfce 4 Trash Applet

Naturally every panel today includes a trash applet, and so does the Xfce 4 panel. Use this to empty your trash, or fill it with drag and drop convenience.


You can even use separators to space out items located inside your Xfce 4 desktop panel. Use these to keep your applications grouped together within the panel.

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