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Xfce 4 Desktop Introduction

If you are looking for a fast and lightweight desktop environment try Xfce 4 today. Even the list of applications has been hand-picked for resource efficiency. The Xfce 4 desktop is designed to maximize the speed of your desktop in many ways.

Xfce 4 Desktop Screenshot

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About Xfce 4

This desktop environment is user-friendly and will work very well on older machines. Like other modern desktop environments Xfce 4 is highly expandable, and it comes with everything you need for day-to-day tasks.

Additional Xfce Details

The Xfce desktop uses the GTK+ 2.0 toolkit and will continue to do so for as long as it is supported. compatibility with GTK+ 3.0 is expected to be added shortly as far as rumors are concerned.

Xfce 4 Desktop Installation

Most popular distributions will offer the ability to download the Xfce 4 desktop from the repositories using the default package manager. Of course Xfce 4 can also be compiled from source code for those with the know-how.

Xfce 4 Live CD’s

Try downloading many of the great Live CD’s offered by popular Linux distributions using the Xfce 4 desktop. You can then try the Xfce 4 desktop without making any changes to your computer, install after if you want to. So be sure to download Xfce 4 today.

Xfce 4 Requirements

Users can install this popular desktop environment on any Unix similar operating system like Linux, BSD or Solaris. The required hardware for running Xfce 4 is also very low meaning it will run well even on older systems.

Xfce 4 Desktop Installation

Xfce 4 Desktop Components

The Xfce 4 desktop is made up of several important components which all work together to offer this fantastic work environment. Each of these components provides different functionality for the desktop, and many components can be replaced by others which you prefer.

Gnome Display Manager GDM

The default display manager used by Xfce 4 is GDM which has been borrowed from the Gnome desktop. The display manager is used to offer the graphical user interface that is seen before logging into the desktop.

Xfce 4 Session Manager

Here you can also learn more about the session manager which is used to save and launch all of your desktop applications.

Xfwm4 window Manager

The Xfce desktop uses the powerful Xfwm4 window manager which also includes its own compositing manager. The window manager is responsible for displaying windows on the desktop, and provides all the actions available for window management. You can even try alternative themes to style your windows.

Xfdesktop Desktop Manager

The desktop manager is used to display the desktop wallpaper, icons, and menus. Xfdesktop also offers a variety of customization options that users should find fun.

Xfce 4 Panel

Users can also customize their panels in many ways, it can be moved or resized. You can also add colors or backgrounds to change the look of your panel. Be sure to check out all the cool panel plugins that are available as well. And you can see how easy it is to install more.

Xfce 4 Desktop Components

Xfce 4 Desktop Extras

You might also want to have a look at some of the extra packages offered by the Xfce desktop including many of the included Xfce applications.

Xfce Goodies Project

The Xfce goodies project also offers several convenient tools and toys that are easy to install. Be sure to have a look at all the extra gadgets that are often included with the Xfce desktop.

Task Manager

There is also a convenient task manager that is included with the Xfce desktop. You can use this to kill frozen applications.

Application Finder

Users can also take advantage of the application finder which will help you find and launch applications on your system. You can also drag applications from the AppFinder to the panel or the desktop to create launcher shortcuts.

Xfce 4 Desktop Extras

Xfce 4 Desktop Customization

Xfce 4 also provides a convenient settings manager that you can use to manage many aspects of your system.

Using The Settings Manager

The settings manager has several keyboard, mouse, and display settings. And from here you can also customize the look of your desktop, windows, and panel as well. From the settings window you can simply select the settings icon you want, and the corresponding settings window will then open. Some settings windows are quite extensive and will contain several tabs full of options.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor

If you would like more control over your desktop you can use the settings editor which gives you manual control over many of the hidden settings which are available for the Xfce 4 desktop.

Xfce 4 Desktop Customization

Download Xfce 4

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