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Xfce 4 Dictionary

This time we will look at the Xfce 4 dictionary which is naturally included with the Xfce 4 desktop. Use this tool to find detailed information about any words you specify.

Other Options

Users can choose to search for words form a dictionary server, or an online web service. A convenient spell checking front-end is also included, that can work well with multiple back-end spell checking tools.

Xfce 4 Desktop Screenshot

Xfce 4 Desktop Goodies

Xfce 4 Dictionary Speed Reader

The Xfce 4 dictionary tool also offers another unique feature, a convenient speed dreading trainer is also included. With this tool you can specify your own text, then choose how many word to display at a time, and how many words to show per minute. Then continue to push yourself to increase your abilities.

Xfce 4 Dictionary Commands

You can launch the Xfce 4 dictionary with different parameters using the commands below.

Standard Syntax

Below you will see the standard command line syntax for the Xfce 4 dictionary.

$ xfce4-dict --option -o text

Launch The Dictionary

You can launch the Xfce 4 dictionary with the following command.

$ xfce4-dict

Search Dictionary Server

The next command will let you search an online dictionary for the given text string.

$ xfce4-dict -d text

Web Search

Use the next command to search a web search engine for your text string instead.

$ xfce4-dict -w text

Jump To Panel Plugin

You can quickly move the mouse input to the Xfce 4 dictionary panel plugin with the commands below.

$ xfce4-dict -t

Spell Checking

The following command will check the specified text with the spell checking feature.

$ xfce4-dict -s text

Check Clipboard Text

You can check the text inside the last clipboard entry with the dictionary server, search engine, or spell checking tool. This can be seen below using the dictionary server.

$ xfce4-dict -dc


The next command will print status messages for you when using the Xfce 4 dictionary. This can be used with other shortcuts as well.

$ xfce4-dict -v

Version Information

This will display the Xfce 4 dictionary version information.

$ xfce4-dict -V


With the next command you can display the Xfce 4 dictionary help information.

$ xfce4-dict -?

Xfce Goodies Project – Xfce 4 Dictionary

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