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Xfce 4 Screensaver Settings

With Xfce 4 users have many high quality screensavers to choose from. You can even customize many of your screensavers to your liking. The default screensaver service used by Xfce 4 is Xscreensaver.

Screensaver Settings

All of your settings can be reached using the Xfce4-settings manager. From there just select the screensaver button to open the screensaver preferences dialog. Here you can learn how to change your screensaver if you are using Xfce 4.

Xfce 4 Desktop Screenshot

Launching The Settings Manager

Launch the Xfce4 settings manager manually with the command seen below.

$ xfce4-settings-manager

Xfce 4 Screensaver Settings Display Modes Tab

The following options are contained inside the display modes tab of the Xfce 4 screensaver settings window.

Display Mode

Use the drop-down menu to choose which screensaver display mode you would like to use. You can choose a blank screen, a single screensaver, a random screensaver, or you can disable the screensaver completely.

Active Screensaver

You can also change your active Xfce 4 screensaver. Just select the one you want from the list and it will then become active, if you are using random screensavers you can toggle on the ones you want to use from the list as well.

Blink Delay

I am not exactly sure what this is but apperantly you can set a blink delay, the default is 10 minutes.

Cycle Delay

This is the delay time before Xfce 4 screensavers switch when using random screensavers. The default is also 10 minutes.

Lock Delay

You can also change the amount of time before the screen becomes locked. Or you can disable the screensaver lock completely, meaning you will not be required to type in a password again to reach the Xfce 4 desktop.

Preview Screensaver

You can also preview all the available Xfce 4 screensavers. Just select the one you like from the list, then select the preview button.

Screensaver Settings

From here you can also adjust the settings for individual Xfce 4 screensavers. Select the one you want from the list, and then click the settings button. You can then change the speed, and many of the other display settings for the screensaver.

Xfce 4 Screensaver Settings Advanced Tab

This tab contains a few extra background settings for XScreensaver, here is a closer look.

Image Manipulation

Here you can choose if you want image manipulating modes to operate on an image of the desktop, on video input, or on random images that you select. I am not familiar with these options.

Text Manipulation

In text display mode you can choose to display hostnames and the current time. You can even display text from a text file, or manually input text yourself. Even display the output of a program, or a URL.

Display Power Management

Users can also choose if they want the monitor to power down after a short time. You can change the length of time before the monitor will stand-by, suspend, and turn off. There is also an option to power off immediately when in blank mode.

Fading And Colormaps

You can even choose to fade the Xfce 4 desktop to black when the screensaver is enabled. Or you can have the screensaver fade back to the Xfce 4 desktop. The duration of the fade can also be adjusted, the default is 3 seconds. There is also an option to install a private colormap when running in 8-bit mode.

Xfce 4 System Settings Manager

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