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Xfce 4 System Settings Editor

For Xfce 4 users that want some real control over their desktop they should turn to the Xfce 4 settings editor tool. All of the underlying options that may otherwise be hidden can all be found from here.

Settings Editor Details

The settings editor uses a simple and convenient interface that is similar to the GConf-Editor. All of your available settings are divided into easily understandable categories.

Xfce 4 Desktop Screenshot

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Thunar Properties

You will find the following options and variables inside the Thunar volume manager tab of the Xfce 4 settings editor.

Auto Browse

I believe this option will cause Thunar to auto-browse removable devices when they are detected. Thunar should open and display the newly mounted directory.

Auto Mount Drives

Use this to automatically mount connected drives when they are detected, all connected drives will be mounted when you login.

Auto Mount Media

With this you can automatically mount all other media devices when they are detected.

Auto Open

If you want Thunar to automatically open when new drives are connected you can use this option.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Keyboard Properties

You will find these options in the keyboard shortcuts tab of the settings editor.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

There are tabs that contain all of your default keyboard shortcuts mostly for the Xfwm4 window manager and common actions. There is no need to edit the default shortcuts because the custom shortcuts are the same.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit keyboard shortcuts inside the custom shortcuts tabs, these will all override the default keyboard shortcuts.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Mixer Properties

These options are located inside the Mixer tab.

Active Card

This will set your active sound card.

Volume Step Size

Use this to set the default volume change amount, the default is 5. Raising this will make the volume change faster, lowering will cause the volume to change slower.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Panel Properties

Here you can customize the Xfce 4 panels or the contents of your panels. The following options are available.

Panel Properties

Each Xfce 4 panel can be customized individually, you can change the length, position, and width. I expected more options.

Plugin Properties

All of the Xfce 4 panel plugins will also have their own entry, some have additional options as well such as file storage locations.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Power Properties

There is only one option for the power manager.

Power Button Action

You can change the action taken when the power button is pressed. The default value is 3, but I am unsure what the other values mean.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Session Properties

The Xfce 4 session manager also has several settings but they fairly obscure.

Splash Screen

There is an option for the splash screen but it is not very clear.

Xfce 4 Settings Editor Xfwm4 Properties

The settings manager contains several settings for the Xfwm4 window manager as well. I will not list them all because there are so many, but here is a closer look at some of the most important properties that you can adjust.

Window Button Settings

You can toggle the display and the order of action buttons in the window title bars.

Raise And Focus

Users can also change how windows become highlighted. The delay for window focusing can also be changed.

Window Titles

With the settings editor you can even change the font used in window titles, or the alignment of the title can be changed.


Desktop compositing can also be toggled on or off to enable advanced visual effects and window transparency.

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