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Zeitgeist Event Logger

The Zeitgeist event logger is the tool used to remember virtually everything you do when using the Unity desktop shell. Zeitgeist will most importantly remember all of the files, directories, and applications that you use most frequently.

Using Zeitgeist

You don’t have to use it, the event logger will do all of the work in the background for you. This means the most important data will always be displayed by the Unity desktop dash.

Event Logging

Users can also toggle which data is monitored and displayed by Zeitgeist, this means that private folders and their contents will not be displayed in the dash.

Zeitgeist Event Logger Screenshot

Zeitgeist Event Logger Installation

You can install this convenient tool on any Ubuntu based system without much trouble. But this event logger will also work on many other Linux distributions as well.

Zeitgeist PPA

To install this tool on Ubuntu systems that are not already using it you will first need to add the PPA to your sources.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa

Update Sources

Next you should update your sources so the installed can find your new packages.

$ sudo apt-get update

Install Zeitgeist

Now you can begin installing this excellent even logging tool with the commands seen below.

$ sudo apt-get install zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Event Logger Components

We should first take a look at exactly how this event logger functions. I will cover this more thoroughly as documentation becomes available.

Zeitgeist Daemon

The Zeitgeist daemon uses DBus API, GLib, and SQLite to monitor and and log system events. Support for Zeitgeist can be added to many programs using the following programming languages, Python, C, Javascript, and Qt.

Zeitgeist Event Logger Commands

Here are a few useful commands that will help users interact with the event logger from the Linux command line.

Start Zeitgeist

The command below will start the Zeitgeist daemon.

$ zeitgeist-daemon

Quit Zeitgeist

Use the next command to quit the daemon.

$ zeitgeist-daemon --quit

Restart Zeitgeist

You can also restart the event logger with this.

$ zeitgeist-daemon --restart

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